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Read and understand your K53 manual before your leaners test. It is important for us at Ambitious Beginnings to inform our clients that the learners licence test/exam can be a challenging, we further advice our clients to attend class or lectures to assist with a better explanation of the K53 manual with additional scope and scenario.


After step 1 is completed and you already to write your leaners licence, book your leaner license on the traffic department website online. Visit the website below:
Step 2.1 This screen will appear

Step 2.2 select 1 from these 4 selection
Step 2.3 The following screen will appear, please read the notice as given

Step 2.4 under general default category select: 02 written learners licence no matter which leaners you are applying for :

Step 2.5 Then select the learners licence you wish to apply for as explained in the 2.3 warning. Select 1 for code
Step 2.6: Then complete your information fields followed by pressing the next button

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